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How to Revoke a Bond

  1. A bond can be revoked for many reasons:
    • If the responsible party (indemnitor or co-signer) believes the defendant may not go to court, they can request the bond be revoked. Contact us and we will check it out.
    • There is reason to believe the defendant is a flight risk (may leave the area or state).
    • Bond conditions are not being followed such as the defendant is using drugs, the defendant is not checking in on a regular basis, etc.
  2. Bond revocation form must be filled out and fees may need to be paid.
  3. A certified copy of the bond is obtained from the courts (indemnitor may be responsible for this).
  4. The Bondsman or his Agents (Fugitive Recovery/Bounty Hunters) locate and apprehend the defendant.
  5. Defendant is taken before the courts or taken to jail (at the discretion of the Bondsman) and the indemnitor is released from liability after the Bondsman has written notification of the bond release from the courts.
  6. Collateral, (costs and fees may be subtracted) will be returned to the indemnitor.
Request a Bail Bond To Be Revoked | Bail Bond Frequently Asked Questions